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like it had a story to keep telling and it was one full of laughter and love. A place where families would gather and memories could be made. As I looked through the dusty windows into the cluttered mess there was just something about this building and I couldn't shake it.  So I decided to pick up my phone and make a call.

I felt like this space was singing to me...


For the last two decades I've had the joy of accompanying couples into venues as a representative for them. Making sure to ask the important questions, find the hidden fees and to help compare apples to oranges for them.  Now, it's my turn to host you here at The Collins Off Main.  It's been a true honor to design a building with so much history and in a way that is guest centered.  We have taken the time to think through all of the nuances that you and your guests will encounter and we have crafted the perfect venue for all generations.  I'm proud to say that we have grandparents who stay till the end and college roommates from the past still dancing to the latest mix on our dance floor. Each one of our spaces helps to facilitate memories, comfortability and something different for every walk of life. I encourage you to look at how we do things differently and see that we truly have taken our decades of experience and have put it to use for you.  So, book a tour today.  I can't wait to meet you!

Hi, I'm Amy Collins and I've been at this wedding thing for over 20 years and every minute of it has been as rewarding as challenging.  

Wedding venue shopping can be one of the most difficult times during the planning process.  So many things to think about and uncover in your discovery of the perfect fit.

Get to know your 
venue Owner

design forward.

Being a Collin's couple is way more than just a one day affair. It's becoming a part of our family.  We get to know you in a very special way through our planning process.  Inside our private Facebook group you'll get to know other couples and start to create a unique bond. Our Alumni are here to answer questions that are relevant to our venue and carry a lot of value for our soon-to-be brides and grooms. 

Taking care of our staff with high wages, w-2 salaries and time off is just one of the ways that we stand out among our peers.  Our people make us great and we know that our clients feel the same.  This helps us create a very strong team that feels as much ownership in this business as we do.

we truly become your family

the team. the team.
the team


As the Brand Manager for the Collins Collective, I’m the voice behind your screen! I‘ve been at The Collins since the 2021 season and I’m so happy I stumbled upon this beautiful place! I’m your go-to girl for photo location recommendations and your low-key tour guide on wedding day.

Here’s some things to note about me. 
- My brain is mostly made up of music lyrics from the 90’s to now. 
- I love to spend my free time dancing + trying out new restaurants. 
- I have an unhealthy obsession with slushees + breadsticks. 
- I also work for the @tigers + @detroitredwings, so if you’re ever coming to a game let me know!! 

Oh. and one more thing. I will 100% cry on your wedding day. I just really love love. 🥹 And I’m undoubtedly your biggest fan and hype girl. 

If you ever have questions, I’m all ears! Reach out to me via email at marketing@thecollins.co ✨ xoxo 

brand manager

hi, it’s me—CALLIE! 🤭


Hello! I’m Jess. As your lead Wedding Planner for The Collins Collective, I’ll be your “go-to” girl for all things timeline management, design, layout, and logistics.

I’ve been with The Collins Collective since the 2021 season and I’m loving this ever expanding, family oriented, and hospitality driven company!

You can expect to see me immediately after on-boarding to the Collins off Main venue with a “Meet with your Planner” meeting. I’ll then kick-off our logistical meetings at the 6-month mark with your timeline meeting, followed by design at 4-months, and layout at the one month mark! You can expect to hear from me intermittently between these meetings to check in and make sure you’re on track for vendor bookings.
My main goal is to bring ease to your mind in the planning process!

Feel free to reach out with any questions from venue specifics to overall process at design@thecollins.co.


who's that girl? IT'S JESS!


Everyone meet our girl, Allison. As our Vendor Liaison, Allie is The Collins Collective life line between our couples and their vendors. She coordinates with vendors to ensure they have load in/load out procedures, insurance, and all information related to what to expect in our event space! 

Fun fact about Allie—in case you couldn’t see the resemblance—she’s our owners little sister! In her free time, Allie loves to immerse herself in the arts—theatre being her fav! Currently, Allie + her husband are enjoying spending time with their new baby girl. 🥹🍼🧸

So, while you may not see her on the forefront of events this upcoming wedding season, best believe she is behind the scenes making sure all of our couples + vendors are taken care of from the start. 

Feel free to reach Allie with any questions via email at info@thecollins.co ✨


Allie-Cat ! 😽🫶


Meet our newest team member--Jamie! 

Jamie comes to us from Adrian College, where she received her Bachelor of Business Administration in Events and Facilities Management. Ever since she was young, Jamie knew she wanted to do something that involved giving people experiences that they would get to cherish forever! Her bubbly personality will never fail to put YOU first and ensure the most magical day! 

She will be your point of contact for all details regarding your rehearsal before your wedding, and will be the one to get you down the aisle on your wedding day. 

Reach out to Jamie with any questions regarding your rehearsal or ceremony via email at jamie@thecollins.co ✨

CHAPEL COORDINATOR + assistant to director of design



Andrea + Jordan

 Amy and her staff were wonderful! They literally did everything and I was able to have a stress free day! Amy had all these awesome ideas and I just let her do her thing and everything turned out perfect! All of our guests were so happy and we were even more happy with how it all turned out!

We had our wedding at the Collins and it was perfect!!





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